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Client: Sunhealth Chiropractic Clinic
Date: September 24, 2010

Working with the Sunhealth chiropractor, I was able to define the scope of the project by understanding the client’s key business needs and objectives to build a site that was aimed at the target audience.

I determined precisely how the website would benefit the business by identifying the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy consists of the information architecture which was created to make the site more accessible for users in order to find information quickly. The user interface design was ensured to make the site enjoyable and attractive to look at.

Standard complaint and correct XHTML was used to code each page and was then tested on every browser relevant to the target audience. Usability testing was done on the website to make sure users could easily navigate through the site to find exactly what they need.

The content management system, Wordpress, was used to create the blog to reflect the companies intended image of keeping up-to-date and accurate.

I ensured long term success and maximum value to deliver this website to align with the clients long term business goals. My clients and I have an ongoing relationship and I currently provide web hosting for Sunhealth Clinic.