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Client: Pacificaires Performing Arts
Date: July 2, 2010

The first step in designing this website was identifying the needs of the business in order to define the scope of the site as to make sure it was relevant to the target audience. Through explaining the market strategy I was able to clearly outline exactly what benefits this website would have for my clients.

This market strategy revolved mainly around branding the website, such as, implementing a proper logo and show casing the site in a way that draws attention from users and encourages them to return. Other elements, such as, a flash gallery were implemented to add flare to the user face design and make the site more interactive and fun.

The website was then tested on all browsers to ensure my client that this website would be accessible to the target audience regardless of which browser they use to view it.

Further testing was conducted to assess the flow and usability of the site and guarantee that the user can find what they need easily and in a giff! Lastly, I created a blog for my client to help launch a social media campaign to help customers feel more connected to the brand through meaningful interactions.