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Client: MozoCreative Inc.
Date: September 5, 2010

I kicked off this site by meeting with my client and letting him describe this business to me. From this meeting I got a clear understanding of my clients needs and I was able to define the scope of the website.

To ensure my client that this website would be a fruitful investment I clearly stated all the long term and short term benefits the site would provide.

Deciding the best marketing strategy was implemented to create a logo that would last a lifetime, maintain a color theme of green and constructed informative and to the point content. The color theme as well as the overall theme helped to ensure the user face design was appealing, modern and relevant to the target audience.

Coding for each page was thoroughly tested as to expand the website accessibility to every type of browser. It was evident that users needed to find services and information quickly without hassle so the usability was tested and re-tested to ensure this feature.

All of the above aspects were implemented to ensure long term success of the website online.