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Maple Furnace

Client: Maple Furnace Ltd.
Date: April 23, 2011

During the first meet and greet with this client I outlined why I am the best candidate for creating the website and making the company's online presence apparent to potential customers and users. I also identified the target audience which helped me to define the main purpose(s) and function(s) (the scope) of the site.

With this information, that same day, I was able to implement the starting phase of visualizing and mapping the site to fit the needs of the users. A few key components my client wanted, and you can clearly recognize as a part of the website, were: clearly and easily viewed text with minimal confusion as to what links should be followed, large images that were unique to the site and a "Logo Face Lift".

In order to meet these needs I minimized the amount of links a user must follow in order to find certain information form 24 links down to 10 simple links that covered all the information required to be on the site. Text is very openly accessible on each page with tittles to outline what the text below entails in order to discourage users from reading information they don't need which will frustrate them. To satisfy the second request I innovatively implemented a large slide show featuring a series of 6 pictures uniquely tailored specifically for Maple Furnace by myself. I also used eye appealing images throughout the site to represent headers and display certain items that users may not be familiar with such as water heaters and boilers. Lastly, I sculpted 8 prototype Logo's for the client to review where after they selected one to be the new logo.

One main concern of the target audience was having the contact information easily found. To accommodate this, the contact number is displayed in the banner at all times in case they have any questions or need to speak with a Representative over the phone.

The marketing strategy for this site consisted of: the color theme, lay out of site features, the site logo, social media synchronization with Twitter, Facebook . . etc, the tailored images and quotes in the unique slide show, the "print coupons" option on the promotions page, as well as the combined elements of the site which create a special experience for each user every time they visit the site. Related to the marketing strategy is the fact that I also provided Search Engine Optimization for this website to ensure a greater chance of it listing high on search engines which in return generated more customer awareness and an online presence beyond that of the competitors.