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KeepOn Coupons

Client: Vancouver Coupons Inc.
Date: June 10, 2010

The first step in creating any website is to listen to the client in order to define who the target audience and detect what the needs of their business are. From these aspects I accurately depict the scope of the website in order to define what will attract the target audience.

Immediately I made clear to my client all the benefits of naming an online presence and a website designed by me.

The marketing strategy for this particular site was devised upon my client’s requests to make the site very simplistic with a coupon related design theme as well as the incorporation of blue and orange as the corporate colors.

Of course to complement the website I hand designed a simple yet memorable logo. All of the marketing strategy or branding aspects mentioned above were selected to ensure the user interface would “Pull in” the target audience. To expand the amount of browsers the website could be accessed on I tested the site on all browsers.

Through carefully studying prospective users I determined that people wanted to be able to find and print coupons easily and quickly! To solve this problem I made finding and printing coupons from this website as easy as 1 quick step.

Long-term success of this website is guaranteed to the many features implemented on it. My clients and I have an ongoing relationship and I currently provide web hosting for KeepOn Coupons. Take a look at the Old KeepOn Coupons website to see the dramatic change!