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Helpdesk BC

Client: Helpdesk BC Inc.
Date: April 20, 2010

I started this project by visiting the pre-existing website with my client in order to learn about the company and more specifically what the business objectives were.

I further studied the needs of the users which along with my research of the business objectives enabled me to define the scope of the website. To make sure my client’s could rest assured that this website would be a great investment I compiled a formal list stating all the benefits this site would bring to my client, the company, the business and customers.

After consulting my client we agreed upon a marketing strategy which would focus on branding his company and product in every way. In regards to the marketing strategy the user interface included an office-like feel and a logo clearly in view on nearly every page.

Coding for each page was thoroughly tested as to expand the websites accessibility on different types of browsers. Usability of the site was tested on various volunteers to ensure users could find information quickly with no hassle or confusion.

I ensured long-term success and maximum value to deliver this website to meet my client’s future business goals.