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Asian Outreach

Client: Asian Outreach Non-Profit
Date: November 14, 2010

As always the first thing I did to kick off this project was meet with the client and explain to them why my services out do that of any other web design company. Once they understand this we begin to build a trusting relationship. I then decipher who the target audience of this company is and from that I define the scope of the site.

With the scope of the site, the target audience, and the clients desires for the site in mind I begin my mock up of the site. This project was actually an a upgrade of a preexisting site which was not eye appealing and did not satisfy the needs of the users; in addition, it failed to meet my clients goal of raising the rate of donations. As a token of my gratitude towards Asian Outreach for what they provide for those who are under privileged I implemented the redesign of this site as a donation to the program.

The must haves of this site as outlined by my client were: must be more eye appealing, text should inform the reader and invoke a deep understanding of Asian Outreach, and the end product should trigger more donations. To meet these needs I "cleaned up" the preexisting site by remapping where text and images should be placed. I got rid of unnecessary pictures and writing which were cluttering the site and making it an eye sore. Next, I did some information architecture whereby I went through all the text on the site deleting what was not needed or relevant and adding what was missing. My focus was to make the main points, as outlined by my client, clear on each page. I also created a blog for the site which users found easy to use as well as informative, this was a feature that directly met the needs of the target audience. Lastly, a series of five pictures, unique to this site and created by myself, were implemented. Each picture, displayed in the banner of each page and all displayed in the banner of the home page, contains a heart warming message meant to tug on the "heart strings" of the user and achieve a higher donation rate.

The marketing strategy included: the color theme (red), layout of features (images, text....etc), the unique images and quotes, the information architecture, the blog page, and the combined elements of the site that flow in such a way as to provide each user with a unique experience. Related to the marketing strategy is the fact that I also provided Search Engine Optimization for this website to ensure a greater chance of it listing high on search engines which in return generated more customer awareness and an online presence beyond that of the competitors.

A variety of web designing tools were used to create this site, in order to view my technical skills please view my resume. If there are any questions as to what components I specifically used for this site, for example, Javascript, Wordpress, CMS . .etc, and where I used them please leave a comment or question and I will be glad to address it immediately.

My clients and I have an ongoing relationship and I often keep in touch with Asian Outreach to discuss if further work is needed on the site and how they are finding the site.