Website – CMS

Websites should make you money or produce you a result. A good looking site is only the start, what matters more is driving traffic and producing a result. WordPress is SEO friendly and with thousands of plugins you can add an email opt-in or create an ecommerce site. Good content is the most important thing; the website is the mechanism to deliver the content. There isn't a more powerful platform that delivers content with ease. WordPress was built with the business owner in mind to help achieve success online.

  • Thousands of Widgets, Plugins and Themes to customize your site
  • Community of users to Educate and Support
  • SEO Magnate!
  • Scalable – create a 2 page site to complex sites on the same platform! Future proof you website!
  • User Friendly Graphic User Interface
  • Information Architecture
  • Easy to Update and Maintain content
  • Build a Blog, Landing Page or eCommerce site. Possibilities are endless!

If you aren't using WordPress, what CMS are you using?

Social Media

Social Media is a great funnel to drive people to your website where it can capture leads. WordPress has all the plugins to help with this. Manage the buzz surrounding your business and create dialogue with your customers.

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
Social Media

Think of social media like an ad on a bulletin board; it simply talks about your business and services which inform people that you have a certain product or service, in turn, bringing customers into your store to buy your product or service. Your website is much like a store and you need to use social media to inform people of your site and build your presence in the online world in order to bring traffic to your site.

People are talking about your business online, how are you managing your Public Relations?

SEO + Content Optimization

The information age is about information, vast and vast amounts of information. "Potentials" come to your site looking for specific information such as your products and services. The main challenge for business owners is having their site easily found among millions of other websites.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword optimization
  • Pay-per click advertising

With so many businesses screaming for attention it becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd which makes Search Engine Optimization so critical.

What is the point of having a great site if no one can find it?

Your website has a matter of seconds to deliver the content your customers are searching for or they're gone! The content on your site needs to be easy to consume and should produce a result for business with ease whether it's to sell a product, provide information or email opt in.
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